The Burglary at the Gladys Ave Laundromat I have information leading to the arrest of the Suspect

Please contact me at (862) COP – STOP  [(862) 267-7867]  I have been trying to put together a case on this individual for about one year now.  He is known to use his alleged fraudulent business called “Top Flight Security” which is actually a “B” video productions company if you can even call it that, showing the actual beat downs on women & men.  This individual also portrays in cartoon fashion in what I would call a “Snuff” type flick, showing in cartoon fashion people being killed, the actors that this individual uses are his actual friends and associates.  Below the names I will list:

Primary Suspect in Laundro-Mat burglaries  =  Brice Mayberry     aka    Brice Weddle

Associate #1  –  Daniel Abundes

Associate #2  –  Joel Ramirez

Associate #3  –  Leticia (Letty) Crystal Chairez

Associate #4  –  Lawrence Weddle

Their last known address or areas of frequency are as follows:

5050 Garford Ave, 2000 Park Ave  Both are in Long Beach California 90815 Respective unit numbers are 7 & 15

Protect You, Your Kids, your entire entity, financial instutions and more

First of all before I post this warning published by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, Chief Jim McDonnell, The one and only Antivirus / Internet Security / Financial Security & More.  I have been in the Technology Business for 34 Years, Instead of just reading about it after the fact like most late bloomers, I grew up with it. It is a very dangerous place, and can cause everything from, a little money being ripped from your Credit Card or Bank Account, all the way up to and including Abduction, Rape & Murder.  This does not just apply to minors, but anyone that has a Broadband (Internet) Connection.  Here are some simple things you can do as a parent or user to protect yourself, remember there is no such thing as 100% Guarantee of Internet Security or the prevention of acquiring viruses, Mal-Ware, Spy-Ware, Keystroke Loggers (a little rouge app that captures all keystrokes the user types.  I have never been one to use anti virus or protection type software until the holiday season of 2011.  My credit card was hit multiple times, not for a large sum of money but that was not the point. The point is that big fat pink elephant you want to ignore, SOMEONE HAS JUST GAINED FULL ACCESS TO MY COMPUTER!!   I scouted around looking and comparing different software that is designed just for this job.   I am sure some of you think these programs are just another way for software companies getting into your wallet, Some are in a way that is shocking.  The respective software company will create its own virus, infect you, then come running to the rescue to fix it.  When in fact you were probably never even infected to begin with.  I call it Munchhausen’s by Proxy,  These people just as in the Human munchausen get’s the same sick rush by doing this then feels like the hero that rode in to save the day.  Sadly enough it is true.  Now below I have listed a few anti virus apps that can be used for PC’s Notebooks, Tablets, Phones, Self Owned Cloud Server’s.

1. Trend Micro™ Maximum Security 2015, Package Contents

a. Windows XP and up PC and Notebook Support

b. Apple OS-x 8.x and up

c. all Phones and Tablets both Apple and Microsorft

d. The package comes included with all the above plus will install on up to 5 PC’s or Mac’s combined

in addition to the 5 seats combined Mac and PC it will support additional Tablets and Phones

d. Their are exception lists, the exception Lists are the actual magic of this software.  As it lets you customize the software

fo allow or deny activity such as letting a Credit Card number pass through the system and out to the net, along with

Phone numbers, email Addresses, Web Sites, IP Addresses, Specific folders, Drives and Files.

2. Now your probably thinking this must cost an arm and leg plus my first born and left Schwan! (Check the Amish Dictionary for the translation of that word).

The product name is Trend Micro Maximum Security or Trend Micro Premium Security, they both support 5 computers plus mobile devices, The price point  is as follows:

Trend Micro Maximum Security:         $49.95 (This includes the current Discount)                                                                      Trend Micro Premium Security:         $59.95  (This includes the current Discount)

Both are the 1 Year Subscription, they offer a 2 year subscription for both,                                                                               Maximum Security    =$109.95                                                                                                                                                     Premium Security     =$ 99.95

The other piece of software most people do not think about are Keystroke encryptor’s, What these do are as a key is  pressed on the keyboard it passes through the Keyboard Bios, the Keyboard bios renders the proper key then sends it out over the internet or to a printer or where ever your sending it to.  “KeyScrambler” Premium encrypts every keystroke that is send out the back of the computer. Then decrypts it once it passes any Key capturing virus software that may be unbeknown’s to the user, this makes Layer 2 of Protection.  However it is never recommended to mix anti virus programs ie: installing Norton and Trend together, some think the more the merrier, that is so far from reality, what actually happens is the 2 programs spend all their time fighting amongst themselves instead of doing the job they were designed.  However KeyScrambler and Trend Micro are designed to do 2 entirely different jobs. They compliment each other like butter on toast, or salt and Lime with your Dos Equis .  Together for both KeyScrambler and Trend you can have protection for about the price of a Utility bill ($100.00) Keyscrambler is a one time charge whereas Trend Micro is a subscription based charge on an annual basis.  Below you will find the links to both of these programs If anyone needs assistance in installing either I would be happy to lend my knowledge!

Trend Micro Link;           http://tiny.cc/wxgwrx         Supports 5 Computer’s

KeyScrambler Link:        http://tiny.cc/7zgwrx         Supports 3 Computer’s

Now why I am writing this post, I subscribe to a Law Enforcement app called Nixle which is an advisory app for either PC/Mac or Mobile Devices, they sent me a very good warning about online predation however did not include any solutions.

That is where I come In and why the above information on solutions.

Now here is the article, Source Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Jim McDonnell

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LASD – Los Angeles County Sheriffs Dept Information Bureau (SIB)

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Advisory: #LASD Child Safety Internet Awareness

Dear Nixle User,

The Internet has opened up a world of information for anyone with a computer and a connection. Your children will learn about computers.  As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure your child stays safe online. Too many dangers from pedophiles to con artists can reach children (and adults) through the Internet.

Explain that although a person may be alone in a room using the computer, once logged on to the Internet, he or she is no longer alone. People using the Internet can find out who you are and where you are. They can even tap into information in your computer. Set aside time to explore the Internet together.

The best tool a child has for screening material found on the Internet is his or her brain. Teach children about exploitation, pornography, hate literature, excessive violence, and other issues that concern you, so they know how to respond when they see this material. Choose and download a commercial online service that offers parental control features on all your devices. These features can block contact that is not clearly marked as appropriate for children; chat rooms, bulletin boards, news groups, and discussion groups; or access to the Internet entirely. Purchase blocking software and design your own safety system. Different packages can block sites by name, search for unacceptable words and block sites containing those words, block entire categories of material, and prevent children from giving out personal information. Monitor your children when they’re online and monitor the time they spend online.


·         To always let you know immediately if they find something scary or threatening on the Internet.

·         Never to give out their name, address, telephone number, password, school name, parents’ name, or any other personal information.

·         Never to agree to meet face to face with someone they’ve met online.

·         Never respond to messages that have bad words or seem scary or just weird.

·         Never to enter an area that charges for services without asking you first.

·         Never to send a picture of themselves to anyone without your permission.

·         Once a picture, a message, a post is sent, it cannot be retrieved and will remain on the internet virtually forever.

·         It’s okay to say no and to never let anyone pressure them into doing something they feel uncomfortable doing.

·         That everything they read or see on the internet may not be true and that people online may not be who they seem.

Make sure that adults monitor access to the Internet at your children’s school. Know your children’s friends and their parents. Set reasonable rules for computer use and discuss them with your children.  Investigations have shown that children will likely have a social media page whether you approve or not, so it is imperative that you teach them internet safety.  If your child’s friend has Internet access at home, talk to the parents about the rules they have established. Find out if the children are monitored while they are online. If your child receives threatening e-mails or pornographic material, save the offensive material and contact that user’s Internet service provider and your local law enforcement agency.  If you come across sites that are inappropriate for children when you are surfing the Net or become aware of the transmission, use, or viewing of child pornography while online, report it to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

For further information contact:

Sergeant Marvin Jaramilla

Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department-

Special Victims Bureau

11515 South Colima Road

Whittier, Ca 90604



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Grace Medrano, Deputy

Sheriff’s Information Bureau – Newsroom

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Long Beach and the Homeless or the people they label as Homeless

The Federal Funds that are Given  to California, Namely Long Beach Police Department are not going to Shelter the Homeless Population.  As was back in the 80’s or 90’s where all businesses that could provide shelter were assisted Federally and the program worked above and beyond what it was expected to.  Now here in the 21st Century, back about 2005 the funding still kept coming, the Homeless began being counted sector by sector instead of head by head, so it was just a Batch count Guesstimating the amount of homeless there were, and probably inflating that amount to justify more funding.  The Long Beach Police Department began to slowly funnel that money to more officers to monitor the homeless instead of providing shelter other than that of a 6 x 9 Gray Bar Hotel style Jail Cell.  Part of that $200,000.00 of Federal funding has gone to the Detailed Enforcement Tactical Team of East Long Beach to fund 130 special officers to do nothing but take Calls for Service, not Dispatch Report Calls.  The Calls for Service are not logged or tracked so what ever was done on that call is never made public or no records are kept other than what the officer wants to comment on and believe me it is not much.  This is how they are getting away with officer involved Murders, Misuse of Force and the like/

I would like a non biased and honest truth on what 4th District Councilman is doing, He actually appeared at the CSULB Recycling Center trying to harass someone Patrick considers homeless as he was not in a car but walking with his pet. This unfortunate gentleman is being profiled as and I quote, this is Long Beach’s Policy!! “Homeless, 5150, Drug Addict” Just coming to turn in some cans and bottles, but what you get for cans and bottles are cold hard $$$$$. Thus walkers coming into the center are automatically given probable cause to stop because the Police and Councilman assume that all the money is being spent for Drugs, Alcohol or something illegal. This is so far from the truth. This is how this walker, gentleman makes his money to feed himself and his dog. I know because I went to school with him…..

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I just want some answers a simple answer to the question “WHY”….?????
I will be looking forward to hearing from you!!
Thank you

When it all began

Lets go back to 1974, when I graduated High School, the Long Beach Police Department was at the time under the command of Chief Charles Uusery, He remained chief until 1988, that is when it all went to hell